What are your payment terms?

  • 50% with order and the balance prior to collection.
  • Orders will only be released once payment has reflected in our bank account.

Do your garments shrink?

  • Yes, all cottons will shrink to some extent.
  • Acceptable tolerance of shrinkage on cotton T-shirts is up to 7%, provided that washing instructions are followed.
  • All our fabrics are lab tested and within industry standard, acceptable shrinkage tolerances.

Are there ever shade differences?

  • We try to maintain consistency of colour, but there are inevitably shade differences from dye lot to dye lot.
  • On large orders, we cut per order so the order will often come from a single dye lot.
  • On smaller orders, we pull from stock and there are likely to be different dye lot batches together.
  • The differences, in our opinion, are acceptable and our customers have not had problems with this.
  • We don’t accept significant differences from the dye house, so the shade differences will not be significant.